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Hey! I’m Dr. Jemma, almost mum of 4 and a certified Empowerment Coach supporting ambitious mums feeling stuck in the whirlwind of motherhood and aspiring for MORE. I help them bring to life their ambitions in a way that works in beautiful harmony with their life as a mum.  

Through holistic coaching, I empower mums to shift out of survival mode so they’re thriving by transforming their daily overwhelm and exhaustion to crystal clear clarity, confidence, and fulfilment, so they can rediscover their purpose and identity beyond motherhood in a way that’s on their terms.

I totally pivoted my own career and turned my back on academic research to carve out a wonderful career by going self-employed and retraining as a coach, which I LOVE!

I’m passionate about empowering overwhelmed mums to show up as the best version of themselves and feel fabulous, because we all deserve that right?

I’ve helped lots of women through my 1:1 coaching packages, group programmes, workshops, and podcast to reconnect with what brings them joy, overcome their fears, and reconnect them with their passion and purpose so that they can shine their light into the world.

I’m so happy to meet you! 

Jemma x

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“Jemma gave me achievable actions and mini-goals in all areas of my life. I found this very empowering…at the end of each session I wasn’t just left with a lot of aired problems but had worked with her to put things in place to move me forward.

It also helped me grow in confidence and in taking the steps I needed into new ventures.

Thank you, Jemma. I’m so glad I found you.”

– Nicola Greenwood –